About Ben

Welcome to my 'about me!' I'm Ben Lugavere - an investor & technology advisor based in beautiful Los Angeles, California.

I'm passionate about software engineering, personal finance, ecnonomics, fitness, nutrition, innovation in health, food, music & travel.

Professionally, I'm an investor & advisor to emerging technology startups and a consultant to some of the worlds leading technology organizations through my consulting firm, Wilder Innovation.

In addition to working with tech companies, I also help brands with brand development, ecommerce growth, influencer marketing, & expansion into into retail.

To learn more about the consulting work I do, check out my firm's website, wilderinnovation.com.

In addition to my consulting work, I'm also a General Partner at an angel fund called Wilder Capital. At Wilder Capital, we invest in better for you health & wellness brands and help as brand accelerators.